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Eucanol Headlice Spray

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Eucanol Headlice Spray is a 100% natural, pleasant smelling anti-parasitic and antiseptic Headlice treatment, conveniently packaged in spray form to enable fast, non-contact application. Our comprehensive treatment regime also recommends that our product be applied to clothing, soft furnishings and surfaces, without staining, to give you added peace of mind and to assist you in treating sources of possible re-infection.

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Eucanol Headlice Spray is a unique headlice treatment containing 100% natural ingredients. We have combined some of the most recognised essential oils to give you a viable and comprehensive natural treatment option that can be applied without contact.

Eucanol Headlice Spray is a TGA approved OTC medicine that is manufactured to GMP standards, giving you the confidence that you are getting a product made to the highest possible standards.

When first released to the market in 1999, Eucanol Headlice Spray was the first headlice treatment option that came in spray form. While many have of our competitors saw the benefits this provided to you as a customer and copied the method of application, their lack of understanding of why we chose that option has resulted in there being a lot of “me too” products. We are confident that even after all these years, you will notice and appreciate why we decided to stand out from the crowd.


Supplementary Directions for Use – Always Read product label before use.

How a product is used has a very big difference in the results that are obtained. With all medicines that you use, not just ours, we recommend that you read all label instructions and follow the directions for use carefully. This will ensure that you obtain the best possible results for the treatment of your choice.

How to use Eucanol Headlice Spray

Directions for Use: For application by adults only.

  1. Cover forehead and eyes with damp face cloth or towel to prevent accidental contact with eyes. If contact with eyes accidentally occurs, rinse thoroughly with clean water. It is important to note once Eucanol Headlice Spray is applied, Headlice may attempt to immediately leave the area being treated including jumping onto clothing. For this reason, we recommend that the towel or face washer used during treatment is immediately washed in hot water.
  2. For long hair, section off into manageable parts using hair ties for ease of application. We recommend that the top of the hair is separated from the middle of the head down to the ears and from the fringe area to the back of the top of the head. It is particularly important to focus on the area from the top of the neck up to behind the ears, ensuring that the product applied to this area coats hair down to the scalp. Hold nozzle at least 5cm from scalp and spray sufficient to coat all hair.
  3. Release sectioned areas of hair and allow to fall naturally. Apply a further 6 sprays across the bulk of the hair.
  4. Wait 20 minutes after application to wash hair as normal using your shampoo and conditioner. We recommend the use of a fine-tooth comb while the conditioner is in the hair.
  5. Lightly spray bedding 30 mins prior to bedtime, focussing on pillows and the upper section of the sheets and blankets.
  6. Lightly spray couches and other common areas where children have been seated.
  7. Before school or work, lightly apply 1-2 sprays to hair, inside of hats and the collar area of shirts and/or jumpers.
  8. Repeat twice daily for 2-3 days.

Eucanol Headlice Spray is an Antiseptic that can assist in the treatment of minor infections that may arise as a result of a headlice infestation. This product produces a temporary stinging sensation when applied to broken skin. This is a known effect of the product and does not harm the skin. If you want to lessen this astringent effect, dab a small amount of water onto the site before application.


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