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Eucanol for Tinea

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Eucanol Tinea Spray is a pleasant smelling, 100% natural antifungal treatment for Tinea and a broad-spectrum active antiseptic to eliminate food odour.

Conveniently packaged in spray form to enable fast, non-contact application, Eucanol Tinea Spray gives you a viable natural alternative to keep your feet healthy. Our comprehensive treatment regime also recommends that our product be applied to socks and the inside of shoes to give you added peace of mind and to assist you in treating sources of possible re-infection.

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Eucanol Tinea Spray is a unique Tinea treatment containing 100% natural ingredients. We have combined some of the most recognised essential oils to give you a viable and comprehensive natural treatment option that can be applied without contact to feet, socks and shoes without staining.

Eucanol Tinea Spray is a TGA approved OTC medicine that is manufactured to GMP standards, giving you the confidence that you are getting a product made to the highest possible standards.

When first released to the market in 1999, Eucanol Tinea Spray was the first Tinea treatment option that came in spray form. While many have of our competitors saw the benefits this provided to you as a customer and copied the method of application, their lack of understanding of why we chose that option has resulted in there being a lot of “me too” products. We are confident that even after all these years, you will notice and appreciate why we decided to stand out from the crowd.


Supplementary Directions for Use – Always Read product label before use.

How a product is used has a very big difference in the results that are obtained. With all medicines that you use, not just ours, we recommend that you read all label instructions and follow the directions for use carefully. This will ensure that you obtain the best possible results for the treatment of your choice.

How to use Eucanol Tinea Spray

Directions for Use: For application by adults only.

  1. Before beginning treatment, wash feet with soap and water, then dry with towel. We recommend that you begin treatment after showering for obvious reasons.
  2. Spray sufficient product onto the feet to wet on and around the affected skin. Ensure when applying the product, the product gets in between toes and around toenails.
  3. Allow the product to air-dry, wait 30 seconds then re-apply to the whole foot area.
  4. Using a clean pair of socks, turn them inside out and Apply 2-3 sprays to the inside of socks. Allow to air-dry for 30 seconds, then put socks on as normal.
  5. Get all shoes that are routinely worn, turn upside down putting the nozzle into the shoe opening and facing the toe area. Apply 4-6 sprays, ensuring that the end of the encased shoe and the inner sole are coated with Eucanol Tinea Spray. Store shoes as normal or place onto feet.
  6. Repeat process morning and evening for 5 days, or longer for more serious infections.
  7. For foot odour, spray the inside and outside of socks, and inside shoes following step 5 above and Repeat 2-3 times per day. Where strenuous activity or sports are being played, it is recommended that spraying of the shoes and socks is done before and after activity, in addition to the normal treatment regime.



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