100% Nature - Based Medicine Company in Australia

100% natural.

By choosing Eucanol products you are supporting Australian farmers and the environment. Our bio-ethanol is extracted from wheat making all of our products 100% natural.

Family owned

Eucanol is a family owned and operated company. Our goal is to provide consumers with high quality, safe, effective natural based medicines for the whole family that are value for money.

Australian Grown

We strive to use only Australian grown products, but this is not always possible. We do however guarantee that a minimum of 85% of our products ingredients are grown in from Australia. Our mission is to get 100% of our ingredients to be Australian grown as we grow.

Welcome to Eucanol.

Eucanol is a family owned and operated company based in Queensland, Australia. Originally founded by Mr Harry Boeck and Michael Goodwin in Wollongong, NSW in 1998, Eucanol quickly rose to gain national product distribution and international media attention. After the Mr Boeck passing, the company decided to cease trading, however after witnessing years and years of poor copycat products going to market, we have decided to return to the market to offer you the original, and best products, under our Eucanol, Dermanol and Polytoxinol tradenames.

 Our products are

  • 100% Australian owned
  • 100% Australian made
  • 100% natural ingredients

We understand that some people prefer to use natural products when medicating, just like we do. Our goal is to provide consumers with safe, effective, high quality medicines that are viable treatment options and represent value for money. By choosing Eucanol products you are supporting Australian farmers and the environment. Our bio-ethanol is extracted from wheat, making our products 100% natural. Our ingredients are carefully selected for their purpose, our products are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and are manufactured to International Good Manufacturing Practice standards so that you can use our products with confidence.

Our Philosophy

Eucanol’s philosophy of QUALITY, SAFETY, EFFICACY and ADVOCACY is applied to every step in our business process from identifying markets, ingredient selection, treatment options, formulation, manufacturing and advertising.

  • QUALITY – Manufactured to GMP standards in TGA approved facilities, you can be guaranteed that you are using products that meet the highest possible standards.
  • SAFETY –A guiding influence in our products is safety. We provide instructional videos and supplementary and comprehensive directions for use for each product on our website. From there you can also download the CONSUMER MEDICINE INFORMATION documents for all of our products.
  • EFFICACY –Our products are extensively tested in house before being selected for laboratory testing and regulatory approval. We are not in the business of making money for the sake of it, if we do not believe we can offer the best product in its line, we don’t make it. We are so confident in our products we will refund your purchase if you are not happy with the results of any of our products.
  • ADVOCACY –We too are consumers. At Eucanol our goal is to advocate for natural OTC medicines to be recognised as viable treatment options. To do this we set our own standards above the regulatory requirements, leading by example in the advancement of natural medicines.

Your safety is very important to us and is the driving factor from concept through to commercialisation. Despite taking all the precautions possible, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong. To ensure that you are able to immediately receive independent professional advice anywhere and anytime in the event of accidental misuse or emergency, we have voluntarily listed our products with the National Poisons Register.

In the event of accidental misuse or ingestion call 131 126 from anywhere in Australia.

Our commitment to Sustainability

Here at Eucanol we consider that sustainability is an obligation placed upon on us, not an option for us. It is not good enough just to use natural resources and claim a product is 100% natural, those resources also need to be used in an ethical and sustainable manner to ensure future generations of Australians are not impacted adversely. Where possible, we guarantee to source sustainable ingredients as the first option.

Manildra Ethanol – A premium bio-ethanol product and certified sustainable.

Eucanol proudly uses Manildra bio-ethanol. The Manildra Group of companies are an iconic brand in the ethanol industry and a clear leader in their field. Founded by the Honan Family in 1952 and still under their expert guidance today, their commitment to Aussie farmers is unwavering. The Manildra Groups influence has advanced and made the Ethanol industry better for all Australian’s, from our farmers and product manufacturers like us, to retail consumers.

Manildra ethanol not only produce Australia best quality bio-ethanol, they have invested millions of dollars over decades to build a state-of-the-art distilling facility on the banks of the Shoalhaven river of the south coast of NSW. This facility now produces bio ethanol that is

  • The first facility in the world to gain Internationally certified for compliance with the “Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials”
  • Certified Kosher
  • Gluten free as per FSANZ requirements
  • GMO free

Essential Oil Sustainability

The use of sustainable essential oils is not as simple as it seems. Our commitment to product safety and their registration as Therapeutic Goods with results in strict condition being imposed on the ingredients being used. This requires the oil not just to meet the conditions of sustainability, but also consistency in supply and conformance to British Pharmacopeia standards.

If you are an Australia supplier and believe you have sustainable essential oils that can be utilised commercially whilst ensuring conformity to all regulatory requirements, we would like to hear from you.

Why choose Eucanol products?

  • They are 100% natural – Many parents have concerns about the use of chemicals when treating their children, or just prefer to use natural treatment options when they are available. All products carrying the Eucanol logo are guaranteed to contain 100% natural ingredients.
  • We provide video instructions for every product – For some people directions for use can be confusing. To make things easier, we have provided instructional videos to show you how to apply each of our products. Simply scan the QR code on the product box or label, or visit our website.
  • Because your busy and time is precious – As parents your time is limited, and we believe you have better things to do with your time. From a spray on headlice treatment to non-contact tinea treatments we are sure you will appreciate the simplicity of use as much as the results.
  • It’s a non-contact treatment. All of our products are non-contact applications when used as directed. Who wants to rub smelly, tinea infected feet with creams and gels, certainly not us, and we doubt most of you would either. We have taken the time in the development process to meet your needs, not ours and we think you will agree it’s a better process.
  • Supporting Australian families and Australian products – Eucanol is a wholly Australian owned family company and all of our products are made in Australia. We source the majority of our products from family owned Australian companies and are always on the look out for more family owned businesses to partner with.
  • We are the original and the best – By purchasing Eucanol products, you are getting them from the company that first made spray products available. If we weren’t the best and our idea didn’t resonate with consumers, our competitors wouldn’t have tried to copy our designs, logos, and original promotional material.